The equipment owned by GM Technical Services is state-of-the-art. Millions of dollars has been invested in capital equipment so that we can service OEMs with the latest and supreme technology available.

The core of any contract electronics manufacturing process is the automated surface-mount application. Our automated surface-mount line consists of eight Siemens pick-and-place machines capable of placing 50,000 components per hour. The main advantage of having Siemens machines is that they are capable of measuring all passive components prior to placement. This ensures that only correct capacitors, resistors, diodes, inductors and two leaded components are placed on the PCB during initial placement.

Screen Printing
1 MPM Semi-Automatic Screen Printer
2 da Haart Semi-Automated Screen Printers
2 Elite 1000 Screen Printers
1 Mitutoyo Mark I Flow Solder 12" Paste Height Z Microscope

SMT Placement
3 Siemens MS-102 (with waffle pack changer)
2 Siemens SP-120
1 Siemens HS-180
2 Siemens Siplace S15 and F3 (with BGA placement accuracy)

BGA Placement and Rework
1 Siemens Siplace F3 Pick-and-Place Machine
1 OK Industries BGA 3000 BGA Placement System and Rework (+-0.001" accuracy)

1 Heller 1700SX Pure Convection Oven (with KIK Profile Thermocouples)
1 ERSA Convection Oven
2 Bridgeport Convection Oven

Wave Solder for P.T.H.
1 Technical Devices 22" Nu Era Dual Wave Solder Machine
1 PTH 12" Solder Pot

Manual Soldering
15 Lonep 951SX Manual Soldering Station

1 CR Technology RTI 6500 PCB Inspection System
2 30X Inspection Stereo Microscopes

In-Circuit Test
1 PT-960 ICT Test System

Cleaning and Contamination
1 Batch Cleaner with De-ionized H20
1 SMD 600 Alpha Omega Meter

Static Control
ESD flooring and controls in all areas

3 Ford Trucks
1 Van
1 FedEx Account

Miscellaneous Equipment
JMG 24-7 Security System
Networked Gateway Computers
Fully secured component stock room


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