With the recent expansion of our production capacity and procedures, we know our customers will realize the advantages of working with a leader in quick-turn prototype contract electronic manufacturing. As a customer, you will be able to set up processes to produce prototypes and continue with us to the production phase without having to restart with different suppliers. This will save time and money, both of which are essential in today's shorter time-to-market OEM industry.


Being a smaller and well-organized CEM and not a "monster" electronic manufacturing services provider like Solectron, Celestica and Flextronics, allows our customers to be an extension of our own work-teams. Our OEM partners can expect to communicate directly with the engineers managing their job. Customers can expect to receive direct communication and attention to their projects needs and concerns.


Investing capital to create a production facility and employing a work force in-house can cost millions of dollars. However, by partnering with GM Technical Services, OEMs gain access to the latest manufacturing technologies and capital equipment. So when you, as the purchasing manager, engineering manager, production manager or design engineer, go looking for a place to assemble your printed circuit boards, look no further than GM Technical Services.


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